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By firetools
#32052 Commander, Alas there is already a Rock Gym Leader, and he does come on still. You two could see about becoming part of his gym squad?

I'm going to be looking for Co Leader's soon as well, so keep looking at me for that

By George Gopar BEAST
XRECKXIMPACT wrote:Welcome to the page. This is a brand new server that has just opened. We are working on fixing the kits as we are trying to give you all a great starter kit but I need to add things to the bukkitforge file we use in order to fully implement them. However, that is not the main topic here.

The ip to our server is:

The server is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. Towny has to be reset as all the towns seem to have been deleted. More info will come as time passes.

The mods used are very simple so no need to download a lot of them.
- Pixelmon 2.1.2
That is it. So simple download to play on the server.

We will try to keep this server fully 24/7. It is already on a dedicated host thanks to the other servers we run. The only way this server will go offline is either from the auto-restart feature that is implemented on high RAM usage or from a crash. Staff will help with all problems they can get to and they will also be playing survival with you all. We hope you enjoy your time on the server, and finally, will you be able to hunt down the legend mew? (Staff will not spawn mew, even for ourselves).

Now accepting gym leader applications:
- Must include
- Age
- Desired type
- Determined Level

Edit: Gyms taken
- Fire : wolf9089
- Rainbow : jonpop1315
- Water : Mineiscraft
- Grass/Bug : xXRendanXx
- Electric : Ansh
- Flying : Fishno
- Normal : Coleman_C15
- Psychic : SoulEaterHaar
- Eeveelution : Kahorya
- Rock : Csmerker
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By mattdorman
#34147 I would like to apply to be Gym leader.

- Age 21
- IGN mattdorman
- Desired type fire/ice/anything
- Determined Level w/e the server wants

Also I already have a good gym build (woaah and reck can attest to this) so if I don't get selected please use my gym for someone else.