By Katie_Mary
#36886 - Age:15
- IGN: Katie_Mary
- Desired type: Fire
- Determined Level:Anything is good, maybe something around 40.

-I have never seen the current Fire gym leader and I would just love to be it.
I also have the fiery spirit of Flannery!
The team would be something like: Arcanine, Charizard, and Rapidash.
The temple to get to the gym is x=412 y=88 z=-259
Thanks, :D
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Clemensz wrote:What will happen when Pixelmon 2.2 will come out? Will the server go offline, or won't it have any effect? :)
What I mean is, what's gonna happen when we have to use Minecraft 1.5.2 (which doesn't support Pixelmon :(
Thx for the answers!

The server will go down for a bit but it will come back up with an update for pixelmon 2.2 when it is ready. We are also going to be switching to a new host to have 8GB of RAM instead of the 4 we have now.
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By imthaterminater
#36968 Hey I Would Like To Apply For Staff As Any Spot, I Have Been A Owner Of My Own Server And I Have Been A Co-Owner, A Admin,A Mod, A police(Watches Chat And Such) I Have Been Playing For Awile Now And Would Like To Help Out In The Server As Much As I Can.

IGN(In Game Name): imthaterminater
Spot On Staff: Any Would Do
Playing Time: Anytime, I Come On And Play As Much As I Can