By mitortuga711
#37490 - Age 12
- IGN mitortuga711
- Desired type. My desired type would be ground
- Determined Level. 50 - 60
i have been playing pokemon and minecraft FOREVER. I have learned ever technique through all the GBA pokemon games, i have been playing this server for 1 month, i think. I am ready to take a step forward with this server, by becoming the Ground Gym Leader. My desired lvl cap would be 50 - 60. My desired pokemon would be a kubutops, a archeops, and last would be a sandslash. Please accept me i will make the gym in a dessert next to my home village, i was thinking is could be a sand and piston style obstetrical course.
By tyriek
#37701 IGN:tyriek12




Why you want to be this:The Reason I Should Be Staff Because I Wanna Make Sure Nobody Hacks Or Spam.Also I Wanna Help Out Newcomers By Answering There Questions and Reinforcing The Rules to Newcomers and I Will Make Sure Nobody Advertise there Server and I Will Try To Get More People On The Server and To Try to get More Donations and To Make the Server Fun For EveryBody On The Server.Also I Will Make Sure none of the Staff Abuse and I Will Suggest Some Ideas to Make the Server More Fun This is the Reason I Should Be Mod.Also I believe I can improve the quality of your server. I also have to offer, the fact that I can help players, other members of the staff team, and you, the owner. Every server has potential to reach the top, and I would like to help your server get there.I feel I have the necessary qualities to do my bit to improve the server simply by helping out those in need of assistance. I already enjoy helping people on the server and feel that if I was accepted then my answers and opinions would be given greater weight. Moreover, I feel an overwhelming need to "give back" to the server, I have greatly enjoyed my time here and hope to help others to do the same. I have gone about this so far by trying to help new players get set up on the server.Also I want to become an admin coley to help others. I understand that in my current position I can help others, but I believe as helper I can enhance the number of people that will come to me looking for help.I believe that the players that I have currently helped are satisfied and know exactly what they wanted to know. As helper I could assist players at a whole new level. As the playerbase increases, there are more new players looking for help. I believe that I can do a good and accurate job.

How Long you Been On the Server:1 Month and a Half

Any Experience?:I Been Owner on 5 Servers and Co-Owner on 3 and Admin on 10 and Mod on 5
By Meowth
#37726 I would love to be a mod/gym-leader on the server i play on it almost everyday i am age 14 and i don't really have a type but i have a team i would like to be a miltank gym-leader my IGN is nate03773 i will have the lv cap be lv80-100 i will be 2v2 im currently running an unofficial leader and i want to be official vary much would appreciate u considering...