By mitortuga711
#37857 - Age 12
- IGN mitortuga711
- Desired type Fossil Pokemon
- Determined Level 40 - 50
Dont ask the question of how determined are you, because I will beat u down, i have been playing pokemon and minecraft FOREVER. I have learned ever technique through all the GBA pokemon games, i have been playing this server for 1 month, i think. I am ready to take a step forward with this server, by becoming the Fossil Gym Leader. . My desired pokemon would be a kubutops, a archeops, and last would be a omastar. Please accept me i will make the gym in a dessert next to my home village, i was thinking is could be a sand and piston style obstetrical course.

By Supersully26
#38087 Age 14
IGN Supersully26
Desired type: poison or fire or fighting
level: 20 and 40
My life and childhood were and are pokemon, I love it I love my pokemon and have played every version. Being a gym leader would really be a fun experience, my knowledge of it well is almost endless (ask burning cookies) love the server and can't wait for it to go back up!