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stel312 wrote:Hey Reck I keep getting internal server error when i try to join. It started yesterday after the server restart. What should i do to i fix it so i can join? And why don't u fix it and reply back to me I just want to come on the server. this is making me mad that i cant join when i really want to. so someone or anyone JUST please answer me!

Stel it isnt as easy as you think. Because we use a program that holds the files, some files are hidden, which in your case, your's is. The only way to get to yours would be to remove files from the folder but the problem with that is, I'm taking at least 2000 users files that have connected to us and just removing them from the server. And what happens when they log in is me getting more complaints. We will fix it when we can but the only way to get to your's safely is through a server shut down.
By stel312
#47644 Oh man I'm sorry reck I did not know how many files there were. I have always wanted to program but I did not know how so I should start to study programming. But thanks for helping I really appreciate it. :D
P.S. what are the gymleader lists and please mesage me if u get it done
By Supersully26
#51724 Age 14
IGN: SuperSully26
Type:anything tht is still open
Level: 20s and 40s

In the old impact craft i was accepted to be a leader on the old map but with the transfer my poison gym and house was lost. I've played every gen since the fire red on the game boy color. Would love to be leader thanks!

Also would be grateful of being a co leader!