By I_master_mind_I
If you are wondering why the server is down, it is due to the fact that we are currently upgrading the server to 16GB RAM and fully dedicated. Our order for the server is being processed and once it is completed, we can begin the transfer.

be patient it'll be back soon better than before

By Poe_Collector
#56789 RECK i need help. I put my team in the PC before a restart and they disappeared. Can you spawn them back in for me? Can you also give me rare candies to level them back up and the pokeballs to catch them. I just really want them back.My team had consisted of:
Shiny Pidgeot Lv:85
Gengar Lv:85
Flaffy Lv:85
Venomoth Lv:71
Shiny Electrode Lv:34

If you can help me that'd be wonderful
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Pikåçhu wrote:Don't take to offence but i don't like it for a few reasons. 1 you start out with a bunch of stuff and kills the feel of minecraft... thats all actually.

How does it kill the feel of minecraft? We are trying to give you guys a thank you for joining the server and a bit of help to get your time spent there started earlier. And really, you dont start with that much. You are probably complaining about the diamond starter tools but those really have no affect on your gameplay.
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#67324 Updated to 2.3.1. Towny had an issue and is temporarily disabled. Will be active once again when the plugin is updated. We will be manually protecting houses. Make sure to contact an admin or owner for protection of your house or town (towns if you specify the names of everyone).
By flufflehunt
#67689 whenever I try to join it gives me "Forge Mod Loader could not connect to this server the mods and versions listed below were not found they are required to play on this server. Pixelmon: 2.3.1" when I know I have it installed. do I need the hotfix?