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By firetools
#19627 I decided, that i'd rather just be a psychic leader. My team is pretty much already developed for the task. I would prefer at this time, if I were lvl 50-60 xD

IGN SoulEaterHaar

Also. i'm going to begin work on a tournament arena for the server tomm, as all the current ones are too small to host more than one battle at a time.
By SubZero
#19786 Nobody wants to be an Ice Type Gym leader except me...This app is porbably worthless since im starting on the server but okay..why not

Age: 14
Desired Type: Ice,(+Fire For a mixed team,That would be cool)(wildcard: Umbreon Thats my original Partner..)
Desired level: 30+ ( i dont really care tough..)
By Akerious
#19992 IGN: Akerious
Age: 15
Prefered type?: Flying
Preferred level?: I'd say 40-60 but any is fine. cx

As of now, I hope for my team to be something like this:

Charizard: Fire Thrower, Slash, Wing Attack, Fire Spin
Fearrow: Drill Run, Drill Peck, Assurance, Aerial Ace
Dodrio: Tri Attack, Drill Peck, Endeavor, Thrash
Scyther: Night Slash, Double Hit, Air Slash, Swords Dance
Gyrados: Twister, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang
Butterfree: Gust, Psybeam, Silver Wind, Bug Buzz