By Akerious
#20665 IGN: Akerious
Age: 15
Prefered type?: Flying
Preferred level?: I'd say 40-60 but any is fine. cx

As of now, I hope for my team to be something like this:

Charizard: Fire Thrower, Slash, Wing Attack, Fire Spin
Fearrow: Drill Run, Drill Peck, Assurance, Aerial Ace
Dodrio: Tri Attack, Drill Peck, Endeavor, Thrash
Scyther: Night Slash, Double Hit, Air Slash, Swords Dance
Gyrados: Twister, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Ice Fang
Butterfree: Gust, Psybeam, Silver Wind, Bug Buzz

By Fishno1
#20797 Age:14
IGN: Fishno1
Desired Type: Dragon/ Flying
Determined Level: 30-50

I am a regular joiner and would love to show off and promote this server to youtube! xxRECKIMPACTxx I hope I will be allowed to be made flying Gym Leader.
By ansh560
#20823 - Age - 16
- IGN - ansh560
- Desired type - Electric
- Determined Level - lvls 30-40

i already applied for rainbow but that is filled so id like to be electric gym leader. i owned my own server and would love to be part of your league!