By BlashyrkhMR
#21307 Reck, My fossil was stolen a second time from the machine.

The first time I was unaware of the lever, the second time I used the lever to close off the machine room, but people are ender pearling under it and still stealing them. I player named Fever-something pearled into my room but i got him to leave. them almost immediately after a player named 'Pezi00' pearled into my room, wouldn't leave, then stole my fossil and immediately logged out.

1. I'd like a new fossil and this player should be banned.
2. the system is totally flawed. the doors needs to seal off the room completely. Even then it's still possible to pearl in, it just makes it harder.

I'll contact you in game next time I see you, hopefully you'll have read this by then.

By Bailwy1
#21321 Admin/Mod App
What I Can Do For The Server: I Build And Build And Never Stop Building So I Could Bui;d Like a Pokemon centre or a town or whatever you want
Where you were mod/admin: A l o t I Acually am op on about 4
Pixelmon Experience : About 15 Servers With Lvl 70 Pokemon Lechitly
What About You: Right, im 12 but thats got nothin 2 do with my work people say i work like a 20 year old man and play like a 5 year old child so thts a good balance to work ona great server like this

By aGraypanda
#21401 I would like 2 apply for a admin is that possible?
Also i would like 2 apply for a gym or the Elite 4
Type:Flying or Elite 4
determined level: 50-66(for flying) 76-84 (elite 4)
By TheYaminoTenshi
#21566 Hi then, I've post this message because I have see the other Gym leader and that interess me, and too I wanted to be a gym leader or an Elite 4.

Age: 19

ING: TheYaminoTenshi
Type: Dragon, Steel, Ice, Dark
Dsirate LVL: 50 +

But my type variate, because I really want the Dragon or Dark, they was my most favourite.
Thx in advance.