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By Jephon
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About Us:
Night-Shade is a survival pixelmon server that is just beginning. We have a great group of staffers that are willing to help you and a wide open map for you to explore.

We are survival (Not adventure) so you can start by building your own house. Then your own city. Then your own region!

We have a 32 person gym system with an elite four staffed with Admins so that you know we will be online when the time is ready.

We use groupmanager to make teams. The Team Leaders have complete control over their team including promotions and demotions from ranks and moderation of their sections of our forum.
We currently have just three teams (Rocket, Aqua and Magma) but once these get properly established, we will be adding more in.

We have a great wiki centered around our server but also includes a more in depth pixelmon articles than even the official pixelmon wiki!

It is still largely a work in progress but you can check it out here:

We also have an interactive forum much like the one here but all server related. Here you can discuss general topics about pixelmon or our server, apply for the various teams on the server and also apply for Gym Leader or even moderator.
Our forum is located at

Donations are a nice way to tell us thank you and also a great way to help keep the website and server up and running. We also like to tell those who donate thank you as well through donation perks. These perks are located at

Come by and check us out.
Server IP: