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By Shadowfox9356493
#22978 I got the 'Custom NPC' mod just to join this server, and trust me, it was worth it :D

Ive also helped renovate a gym (skywardstrike's electric gym) with redstone and now its awesome :D
Despite me living in a different country other than the server's (that's hosted in the US) its barely laggy at all :D

On a second note, please complete the 'pokemart' soon, i wanna buy another eevee :D
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By Jephon
#23013 All the pokemart's are in the player's hands unless it is the spawn admin shop. For an eevee, the best place to find one seems to be forestglen. Just do /warp forestglen to get there. The town is known for its eevees. It even has a statue of one. :P

Thank you for the compliment. We do have really good hosting with almost zero lag (unless someone (admin Trish or Wade) is doing something dumb..) and only the very rare crash. I think we have crashed 4 times the past week or so.
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By Shadowfox9356493
#23033 Oh, cool thanx :D

I currently have my base in 'Cianwood city' and I've seen 1 eevee, but this Forest glen seems nice :) and im starting up an eeveelutions team, which will have: Umbreon, Espeon, Jolteon, and flareon (when leafeon and glaceon are put into pixelmon ill have them too xD)

Are there currently any vacant bases in 'forest glen'? like 'cianwood city' has?
By AceUchihaEX
jsnbrown1989 wrote:Now! lol. The server's up and running. You do need Custom NPC as you do with most Pixelmon servers. Get that installed and you can start playing immediately!

I have pixelmon mod 2.1.2 AND ALSO custom npcs but it says: BAD LOGIN :evil: