By GWARdog
#37142 If you don't join this server a pack of wild, rabid dogs will sniff you out and eat your organs.
Then they will relax by watching TV on your couch and steal your socks. Because their feet get cold.

Don't want cold feet? Then join our server! FREE SOCKS!
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By Jephon
#37160 Awesome pics. For those who would like to check out those places: 1st pic is ForestGlen (Great place to catch an eevee). Second place is Cianwoodcity (Pretty large city with a dept store and casino) and the last one is Team Magma's base which normally you need to be a part of Team Magma to see but it seems to be a place of public gatherings.. :P
By Kasiya
#37443 Best server ever x3. The mods/admins are always helpful~ The owner is also very dedicated and patient to all players, new or old ~ Not to mention the player base in the server itself! Always willing to help each other if they could, not much squabbles either and if there are any its always quickly and peacefully resolved :3

Definitely a great server to be in, whether you're new in Pixelmon/Minecraft in general or even a veteran player ~! Hope to see more players joining~

(Also! Join Team Magma~ Where we expand the land for pokemons and humans alike! If you're looking for the feeling of warmth and close camaraderie then Team Magma is definitely for you~! Our numbers may be few but together we will create the lands that our world needs~ Of course, not to mention the abundance of lava cookies that members share with each other~ !)
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By Jephon
#38868 As soon as bukkitforge updates, the admin will start testing the plugins on our test server. Testing shouldnt take but a few days. After that we will close the server for a couple hours and update it.

We are just waiting on bukkitforge for 1.5.2

-- Edit, please see here for more info: