By wavenaut
#18649 Owner: WaveNaut

World map Download:

For this server you need:
-Custom NPC
we need some experience with the custom npc mod so everyone is welcome to help getting everything done!

In this Adventure server you will be trying to become the pokemon Master. in order to do that you'll have to win as much battles as you can, Beat all gyms and elite four, beat the champion and compete in the pokemon championships. you will be able to build your own house, but only with premission from the operator.
You'll start with Five Pokeballs.

Note: you can apply for gym leader by just Posting your Type on this forum, in the server, you can change the type and look of your gym and you may expand your city in agreement with the operators. you will get some tools to add some stuff to your town.

Gym Leaders:
1: Normal - chuckf007
2: Fighting - jpepsicola
3: Rock - nathbuilder, drzeus213
4: Water - chimchar11223
5: Grass - lynchy12
6: Flying - houndfox18
7: Dark/Ghost - Wizard_Mike
8: Dragon - theapocolypse

note: if you want to become elite four, you'll have to say it like you did with gym leaders... however, in your party there have to be at least 3 pokemon the type noted in the E4 descripion below.

1: Electric - 1Charak2
2: Ice - mega444
3: Fire - tobz789
4: Dragon - iiaaronxix

Future building plans:
-Battle Frontier
-Victory Road (Finishing)
-Hidden spots, Temples, Caves etc.

-No Griefing
-Be Friendly
-Have Fun!

If you have any comments about the server please comment below, but please keep it a little friendly!
See you in the server!


Contact me:
Skype: naut.brouwer

Message to the person who tried to destroy/grief our world:
too bad buddy, we keep making backups for the server, so griefing has no point of sence!