By ThaxZombifiedxTech
#1942 I have already been hosting a private server with 20+ people with 30+ plugins added with the power to host up to 200 people.

I've decided to start up a offline pixelmon server for as many as i can & want to. xP Just need creative people unless someone wants to give me a map to use. But either ways i can keep this server up 24/7 unlike others.

This PC is Hosted by my friends the x86x Clan. Website -
- - - PC Specs - - -
Processor - AMD FX-8350 4.GHz 8-Core AM3+, 8MB L2 Cache & Turbo Core Technology Up To 5.GHz
Water Cooled

RAM - 12GB, 1800MHz

Video Cards - Don't remember right now But i know there's 2 With 2GB Total

- - - Internet Speeds - - -
Download Speed - 40.51Mbps
Upload Speed - 8.65 Mbps

< < < EDITED > > >
~Cracked Minecraft Multi-World (Private Server) =

Multi-World Server
* CreativeZone *SurvivalPvP *HungerGames<-Soon-
Grief Protection to a Limit.
Hosted by the Greatest Server Admin = ThaScenekid

~Cracked Minecraft Pixelmon Server =

Survival World
Map - Kanto
Map is a playaround with map But i would like to Keep Kanto in one piece.
Please do not destroy the buildings. :) Be a Helper not a Hater.
1.9.6 Pixelmon with Minecraft Forge and above Needed to play.

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By Tom_X
#1945 Is the server up right now, or hasn't been started yet? I love the idea, I'm sick of servers that don't accept the crackies...
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By Tom_X
#1962 Well, if the server is offline, technically everyone can join it with wathever name they want to put to themselves, so keeping track of people would be weird and kinda useless