By ThaxZombifiedxTech
#5461 Haha Everyone Just Created a Client with 20+ Mods installed. :) Hoping to get a server to work along with all these mods so it will be awesome. :D

~Mod List~

*Forge 1.4.7-
*Optifine(Normal) 1.4.6 HD B6
*CustomMobSpawner 1.11
*DrZharks MoCreatures Mod v4.5.1
*1.4.7 ReiMinimap_v3.2_06
*Backpack 1.5.7
*Castle Defenders 1.0.0
*MagicCrops 1.1
*Traincraft 3.1.13_030
*Balkon's WeaponMod 1.10.3
*Wireless Redstone 1.6.1
*Minions 1.4.6
*Ruins 1.4.6
*StevesCarts 2.0.0
*Smart Moving Mod
*Multi Mine
*Metallurgy 2.4.2
-Base Metals
-Ender Metals
-Fantasy Metals
-Nether Metals
-Utility Ores
*Buildcraft 3.4.3

If you want the file i have a zip of it. :) if i get a few yes's i'll put up a link on my first post.
By ZStoneheart
#5526 Yo, You guys got griefed hardcore by someone o.o I went on to check out the server and... well I didn't go anywhere further than pallet town, but it definitely looked juvenile and uncalled for <_<
On this one anyway
Code: Select
... Haven't been to the others yet
By ThaxZombifiedxTech
#5570 Yea i'm sure it is griefed xD i have the beginning file of the map before anyone joined. I'll fix it after pixelmon works with bukkit. Can't keep griefers out on a offline vanilla modded server.
By ThaxZombifiedxTech
#5841 Everyone i hate to say it but i'm moving the server to a bukkit forge combo xP
So yea. Instead of going threw to fix the griefing I'm just wondering should i start the map other from the beginning? Or keep the griefed world? XD
By ThaxZombifiedxTech
#10242 Server Down For sometime now.

Mainly cause i'm hoping to get all the mods and other worlds i have updated and running correctly after the redstone update. afterwards maybe a couple of weeks off Servers will be back online.
By FatmanPWNS
#34341 Im still waiting on this server getting back up and running lol. I played on here back in the day when i had my cracked minecraft but I'm legal now so yeah. Let me know if this ever gets back up.