By PokemonBlack1
#20798 If you are reading this, then keep reading. Welcome to Stranded Pixelmon Server. It has few, but friendly staff (will list below), trying to get BukkitForge (Comment on how to get it to work, it noez work!), and we have Gyms.

We are currently looking for 2 Gym leaders.
Don't ask, I'll assign you if I think you can do it. We have an E4 set up, but in order to be an E4 member, you have to beat the 8 Gyms. Gyms and their leaders will be listed below as well.

We have Custom NPC's. If you cannot join and you have both Pixelmon and Custom NPC's, then go in your .minecraft, in there delete the customnpc folder. Then it should work. Don't ask why, I don't know either, but I had the same problem (Some 25700 error or something for CNPC's).

We have random NPC's that'll give out TMs. So try to search places.

The IP is

The Gyms are in the order of:

1. Water - Leader: (Looking for)
2. Ghost - Leader: Teh_p00n
3. Rock - Leader: King_Outrage
4. Normal - Leader: (Looking for, placeholder is Kams45)
5. Poison - Leader: ajwboss
6. Fire - Leader: shinyriolu
7. Flying - Leader: Kams45
8. Psychic - Leader: PokemonBlack1

Elite Four:
Champion. NONE

Owner: PokemonBlack1
Admin: shinyriolu
Moderator: Kams45

By PokemonBlack1
zombiekingz wrote:hi id just like to ask if i could mabye land a spot in the elite 4? i love battling and i have fun thanks ign: zombiekingz

No, you have to beat the 8 gyms in order to make the first elite four slot. To get a higher E4 slot you need to beat the 8 gyms again and however many E4 members there are currently. To be champion, you have to beat the 8 gyms and E4. If you beat the champion, you become the new champion. Gym leaders cannot be champions.