By SkyLord_Flamer
#56577 IGN:SkyLord_Flamer
Favorite Type: Dragon
Time Zone: Pacific
Experience at Building (You need to be really good): Um i would say 8/10 really
Extra:I have skype but my mic is broken i am hoping to get one soon and i think you're project is amazing
and photos of any building that you build (not necessary of Pokemon)
Atlas Holden up the city of life.jpg
This is a build i made a quite long time ago but i still love it
Atlas Holden up the city of life.jpg (25.46 KiB) Viewed 123 times
Latest Build!.jpg
I built this on my friends server about a week ago it took me about a day not 24 hours at least but a good couple of hours
Latest Build!.jpg (77.9 KiB) Viewed 123 times
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By minecraftOclock
#65601 IGN: minecraftOclock
Favorite Type: Water,Psychic,Steel
Timezone: Pacific Coastal Time
EXP in building: Major, 2+ years, exellence in building is great