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By Umbreon1110
#25309 Can I be the dark/ghost type gym leader? My team is still in training but it's full form will be
IGN: Arceus12234
I've been gym leader 2 other times before and my team will be lvls 35-40
Plz reply so I don't train my team all the way then find out I cant be leader.
Im fine either way but i'd be happy if u make me gym leader. I am a amazing builder and if u want, I can make my own town. I am pretty good with spooky town effects. you know like giant ruined towers, graveyards, etc. etc. Just I have trouble with NPCS sometimes. I can work trading and talking but not quests. So let me know what u think. Thx for listening :) im currently raising my gym team

By DMTsmoke
#25362 Sure you can. You can actually have your own plot of land if you save up enough currency to buy a tuxedo! You get build rights to your own lot to build and mine as you see fit. Only took our beta testers under a week to get a tux =D

edit: That is in-game currency btw.
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By Umbreon1110
#25551 btw what are the current gyms? ( in order ) my bro Regice1223 just joined the server and he would like to attempt to become a ground type gym leader, if the spot is open, if not psychic
By DMTsmoke
#27222 To donate, all you must do is type /buy in-game =) we have a BuyCraft set up for those interested.

Edit/PS: To those having trouble with joining, it has almost every time been due to improper installation of the CustomNPCs mod. We have found that sometimes it is better to manually install the mod yourself as opposed to getting a third-party mod program to load it for you etc. Many have solved this issue this way.