By ryan71
#44156 Congratulations I don't care 955533.
Why are you sticking your nose into my business anyway? I posted my opinion on this server and what gives you the right to butt in to mine and DMT's conversation?

DMTsmoke All I asked for was my Pokemon to be replaced earlier, I didn't ask for any items, TMs or rare pokemon, I asked for the ones I had to be replaced, preferably the same leveled ones I had.

Edit: You know what? I'll say what I've held back. You're an arsehole who's greedy, only cares about people who donate and yourself. You weren't willing to help me until I threatened you with the posts on here. You're a little girl who only wants for yourself and now that I'm telling everyone, you're showing that you are too a dick. I don't want to stay on your game while you are being such a twat. As I said earlier have fun ruining a server that would've become successful if it had a different owner, you care so much about your server but yet you wont help the community, THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE YOUR SERVER WHAT IT IS. You can ban my account from your server now.

By DMTsmoke
#44163 Wow. You continue to bump my forum for me. Thank you. And this is quite sad...


It's ok however. None of these guys seemed to complain. We had a group vote and decided you deserved banning. Why be so immature? And you also /whisper harassed stormy...=(. That's pretty low. Anyways, glad you're not part of our community. We aim for higher standards than you do.

By DMTsmoke
#44195 And might I add Ryan that the group vote for your banning was not initiated by me, but 3 people asked me to start the vote. Thats how disrespectful you were apparently being in /whispers.. As stated before, the players speak for themselves. You're another sour child that holds respect for no one. So consider it the community that banned you, not I. Directly reflects your nature when the people themselves do not like you.
By Fuzz223
#44266 I'm not really involved in this stuff with ryan but I would just like to say one thing on this matter.

Ryan you mentioned that DMT didn't care about anyone but donators, yet if you read any of the signs in spawn, they all scream the opposite of that, infact I'm pretty sure one of them even says something like "donations are greatly appreciated but everyone is still considered equal"

and to add to that, I only joined the server today, and I saw DMT using the broadcast to ask if you still needed help, and if anyone was having issues like yours to contact him immediately, after all that he still found time to create a plot for me even though i missed him doing it for everyone else because i was afk, he is only one guy from what I can tell and he isnt superman.

/end mini-rant