By radiomonster626
#49229 This is honestly the best pixelmon server i have been on,
has the best players and staff! The spawn is amazing and
has some of the best spaces to explore in! Come and join the server
Explore with us, you never know what you
will venture into on your DMT Pixelmon's Trip!
See you soon!
By Crenny
#50006 I've played on this server for a while and I've tried others, but they either lagged too much, or had rainbows covering the chat with all these colored names and made it impossible to talk to people or just had a bad staff. But in this server, Everyone is equal, no fancy rainbow names for anyone. This server also doesn't lag every second like others. And lastly the people on the server are kind and will usually help out with problems.
So, if you need a server then this is probably the right choice!