By orondion
#40671 Ign: orondion
Building Skill: On a scale of 1-100, id say that I'm closer to the 68-75 area. while i may not be the best when it comes to building, i have an eye for it and can come with ideas that could possibly make an object and or area look "better" depending on how one would like it done.
Maturity Level: i personally feel that its not my place to say, as it would make me feel arrogant. However, i do like to mediate situations and help resolve conflicts peacefully while maintaining a rivalry.

Side Note: I've been looking around for a server to join, and when i saw that you were wanting builders, i happily applied. The chance to help create something that others could enjoy is a feeling i want to pursue and achieve, while also being one of the first members as well. As for being a Moderator, Operator, Gym Leader, League Member, etc. those don't matter to me, i just want to share a good time with people while helping out.