By guitardude2838
Dutchiedude wrote:IGN- Dutchiedude
building skill- Pretty good, but not the best you can possibly be
and maturity level- ~90%

If I could be a gym leader, I would choose the fire gym, or the dark one.
If I could be an E4 or region champion, I would like mixed Pokémon
I've played, like, all the Pokémon games and I know almost everything of all the Pokémon.

Dutchiedude you may be the fire gym leader.

By guitardude2838
Doomsblack wrote:how many regions are there, if there are multiple ones can i haz champ spot also, pm the ip so we build before we make it public

There will be 5 regions and I will ask to see if you can be a champion and sorry but we dont have an ip yet cuz first we need put money onto a debit card to rent certain stuff for the server to work.