By TheLegendaryPikachu
#24842 My Server Is Juss Itching To Take Off... Ive Got Comments Asking Me To Create Regions So I Will But Will Take A While Due It Not Able To Remain Up Daily But Does Anyone Know How To Make More Trainers Spawn In a BukkitForged Pixelmon Server?

By Malicante
#25178 From my own experience, there is currently no way to increase the trainer spawn rate. However, most of the trainers right now seem to be oriented towards water/fire types. I find a LOT of trainers if I build a small island ~30 blocks out to sea from grass/sand. you get a truckload of water types spawning, and a lot of trainers.
By TheLegendaryPikachu
#30603 Ok So Ive Updated It A Bit 2Towns Were Created And 3Routes Along With The Custom Npcs Mod Added Also Added The New Rank** [EliteTrainer] For Players Whom Beat The Champion Elite Trainers Are Just Strong Trainers With Pokemon Leveled 70-100 I Also Have The Ranks: Rookie, Trainer GymLeader EliteFour Champion Moderator Admin Co-Ower And Builder I Really Need Builders For Ex Pixel Art Masters And Builders Who Can Make Perfect Towns/Routes !Requirements

SnapShot Of A Creation:
By TheLegendaryPikachu
#36822 THANK YOU ALL Ok I Have Completly Created 1 Region! Its Juss Being Finalized By Some Friends But Builders Are REALLY Needed! The Server Has Got A New Name EeveeCraft! Desc Pokemon Eevee Version! So I Am Gonna Open It Up For Beta Testing When I Get It Hosted Which Will Be Soon!!! guyrif5656 I Got Your Skype Me And My Co-Owner Are Currently Discussing It Now! However You Wil Have To Be An Admin For Now! But Thanks For Your Patients


-Gotta Catch En All!!!
By Osborne3510
#40731 Hey, I would love to help be a builder, gym leader and admin, if its possible all at the same time? I would like to ask what region you are building, is it one from the games or a custom one? I think I could help you guys because I know a lot about pokemon, minecraft and, the mod. I hope I can help! My IGN is : Osborne3510
By DarkNintendoGuy
#41312 Ign darknintendoguy
coowner can help when a new update comes out for pixelmon or something like that im mature nice fun to be around responsible alk these things make me
By BBot4Life
#41317 Skype: bungle992
PlayTime: A lot
IGN: BBot4Life
Admin/ Co-Owner because i can help build, answer questions, get rid of people that break rules (temp or perm) and just generally have fun. Also when you get something ready for gym leaders and elite 4 could I be the champion or dragon elite 4?