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By DutchKroket
#26996 Hello people,

These are some main rules for the server forum. If you don't keep to them I will give you a warning or remove the topic.

Rule #1: Don't make a general post where you ask to be an op/leader. If you want to be one, make an application on the server where you want to be one. - I will remove these posts when I see one.

Rule #2: If you make a post about your server, don't give it a name like 'new server' or 'Pixelmon server'. - I will give you a warning to change it or remove it when it's new.

Rule #3: Don't make more than one post about the same server; players will join so don't advertise it on a lot of posts. - I will ask you which one I can remove.

Rule #4: If you want me to remove a topic you created, put 'remove this topic' in your title so I can see.

Rule #5: If you have more than 30 pages full of useful posts (so not just chat) and Jack or I has seen that there has been enough effort put in your server, we will ask Rados to give you a sub-forum. - Do not ask for it! And with effort we are talking about active players and nice buildings/ideas.

Rule #6: Don't do caps lock. - Topic/Post will be removed.

Rule #7: No advertising on other servers. - Post will be removed.

Stick to the rules and have fun playing!