By Lexthore
#27193 The Unown Region is about ready to be open. I have been doing a lot of work to bring fun, adventure, and most of all stability to this server. I am currently looking for some players to join me in a stress test and see if its stable to being a building stage. I am also accepting builder applications. I will need a link to some of your work for acceptance.

Please fill out the questions so I can bring you on faster.

1) IGN
2) Age
3) Skype Name
4) Mod Experience
5) Time Zone

By Lexthore
#28125 I appreciate the players who have taken the time to apply here, and I will get to you guys as soon as possible.

Through the weekend testing, I myself found a major glitch. If you guys wish to play you can Tuesday, but the server will be down on Wednesday for a rebuild. I am hoping to have it back online (and much smoother) on Friday. I can get you guys the necessary files now, or I can wait until it is back online to pass it out.

I do appreciate your patience as I get this worked out so I can deliver the best experience for you all.