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okkeh96 wrote:Image
Hey! Wake up! Good morning! Rise and shine on your 10th birthday. You know what that means right? Yes! you can finally go start on your pokémon adventure!. You will have to survive in the wild, get your own food and create all kinds of things. But no worry's, When you start on your adventure you will meet awesome and nice people who will be glad to help you start on your adventure, so don't be shy to ask for some help. Well after you are cleaned up I will tell you how to start this wonderful adventure!!!...
Download and install pixelmonmod for minecraft 1.5.1 (

After you installed it properly you are ready to start your very own pokémon adventure!

Log on into multiplayer with this IP adress!

To become a full trainer and gain acces to build and destroy! post your ign here and wait for an Admin/Mod to promote you!

Now you are ready!
You can either adventure on your own or start an adventure with friends. Also you can create your own little community in-game! With the use of the Towny plugin you can create and expand your own village to let other players live and build. Can't wait to see you on Pixeltown!
~ okkeh96
To find more info, gyms ect. visit our Website!:
Some pics of our server!:

I'd like to be a part of this ^_^ Add me to the list when you get a chance :) IGN: esm1025