By tbrower
Lafiel wrote:Hello, I would like to be the poison gym leader and be a builder.

However if I am accepted as the poison gym leader, I would very much like to build my own gym at lest.
Since I believe each gym leader should build their own gym. (also the elite4, poi/ghost position would be nice to)

I am a very good poi/dark/phy/ghost pokemon trainer:)

Also I've got plenty of exp with building, and being a gym leader. Also been Admins, but not out for that much work right now.

I can be on at lest 5hrs a day right now...

Also I am 22 years old...

Lastly my email is [email protected]

P.s. sorry my English is not the best....

Please apply on our website!

By piercha484
piercha484 wrote:plus Kanto is my favourite starting
piercha484 wrote:im 13
piercha484 wrote:IGN Baragon123 i can look at the old game and see how it was built
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By emerald_ice
#36018 Hey There! I'm Emerald, and I am applying for the First Gym, Aka, Rock.
IGN: emerald_ice
Gender: Female
Why I want To Be Rock: I like the rock type- It's sturdy and tough (Like me) So I think it'd be very fun to be the rock gym leader!
Experience: I've been the Third Grass/Bug Leader on Alpine MCPM, I'm 7th Water Leader on Noobcraft as well.
Thanks For reading above ^_^ Hope i get accepted!