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By phorcillic
#2744 Poke
Image Pixelmon Version: 2.1.1
Image Server Type: Poke / RP / FB
Image Slots: 64
Image IP:
Image Server Map: OFF at the moment
Image Server Forum:
Image Premium Mode: True
Image Whitelist: OFF

"Welcome to Varma! My name is Albert Spruce. Do you want to be a legend? A champion!? I see that ambition in your eyes. Then, why don't you visit Varma Region? I know, that piece of land was claimed a region few weeks ago... but isn't it fascinating? Every young trainer can literally CRAFT both own and region destiny!
I have been assigned to be a professor in their league Capitol, Allstone City. I propose you to go there with me, young Trainer."

Players can custom their way to get badges. Because of that, all gyms have similar level range.

Leaders (Badge System starts 5 IV 2013):
Image Axel Town -> Dewottboy555
Image Floaden Town -> artman116
Image Meribaal Town -> pyrko
Image Rainburgh Town -> Adiox12
More will be Announced, when will be more players.

Yes, yes, yes! This is one of a few servers with Bukkit support :)
Image iConomy - With working shopping system!
Image RealTime - Finally a dusk ball won't be used so often.
Image WorldGuard - Buy a plot and claim your own headquarters!
Image Lockette - Buy a plot and claim your own headquarters!

- Every month server hosts Pokemon League competition. Next Tournament will start at 20th April!
- Swarms (Pokemon attacking a random city!)
- Cyclic events for both trainers and Pokemon

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By GrandmasterJMC
#3226 ign GrandMasterJMC and is it 1.9.5