By captainwaffelz
#7707 I saw u hada few positions open, any chance of me gettin em? I am a seasoned builder and very good dealing with ppl, happy or mad, id rate myself 8/10 with ten being building the pokemon stadium from scratch and 1 being a dirt house, ive played minecraft for 3-4 years if that helps, i tried connecting to server but it was down :/
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By phorcillic
#7766 Yup, there are some positions open. Server is 'down', because it's restarting soon.

Please fill this form :)
Minecraft Login:
Previous servers (with ranks):
Known Languages:
Time Availability (in GMT):
Applied position: Builder/Officer
[If Builder]: Buildings builded by you (screenshots, minimum 2 different buildings. Will be verified)

That's mine, for example :P
Minecraft Login: phorcillic
Previous servers (with ranks): Heaven (Senior Moderator), (Administrator), (Head Admin)
Known Languages: Polish (parent), English (A2), German (A1), Japanese (A1)
Time Availability (in GMT): 8:00-22:00
Applied Position: Officer
By PiXeL_JoEl
#7885 Umm can i get to whitelisted too? I searched hours these pixelmon servers and finally found one but it's whitelisted and have some fun with this awesome pixelmon mod. IGN: PiXeL_JoEl