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By phorcillic
#14397 I hear about that the first time. Why haven't you write to me to (hope I can) solve this problem?

Powered - you sweared people on server, used abusive words, cheated, griefed, used forbidden items etc... (there are screens, but you propably don't want them to be published).
And now you say the server police was 'attacking' you.
That's very, veeery not nice.
By PoweredDragon
#14434 Yeah? But Andrej and pyrko also was insulting me and threw insults in my direction, to provoke me. And for now you have abusive words... I was never rude for any1 excepting andrej, kaledon, hubcio and pyrko, who was insulting me. And also today on pokecraft ts someone pretended Troll called "Burzacz" and was insulting me. I was wanting to Record it i get banned for don't ask for permissions to recording x.x