By Vinven
#14733 Is there a way to start over a pick a new starter pokemon?

I picked an eevee with intention to go for an espeon for psychic attacks, only to end up getting an adamant one which reduces their special attacks.

Edit - Also is the server down? I played on the server an hour ago and no longer can connect.

By PoweredDragon
DragonRaider wrote:One of the best servers which i was playing on. And if it's that poweredDragon which i saw on the server, it was one of worst kids i ever saw, he was crying nearly all the time when he tried to troll and and then fail the "Trolling"

What. Lol. You never was on the server, when I was. Also server is polish so, How do you know what happened when i was talking with players in polish. You're lier, and you're trying to help this server. Also Stupid server... Also I am a human so... Who, no which...