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By yoru-san
#35223 Hello all!

Good news! This server is 24/7 now (for at least some month)! join any time and have fun :D
Also the new server name will be: Thunderbolt (i will change the title soon)
Its a small server, survival only, no OP's, but you can build what you want everywhere and there are no permissions and such things. :D
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Currently installed plugins:
LWC, Griefprevention

Minecraft 1.5.2
Minecraft Forge for 1.5.2
Pixelmon 2.2.1


If you want the server to stay 24/7 or want it to have a better performance i appreciate helping me out with the costs because i cant take the costs for longer then a few month alone!
Here's my PayPal:


We have built a battle arena, prepare for some epic battles! :D


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By yoru-san
#35306 there isnt much to show with pictures since theres just a pokémon center, pokémon mart and my house inside an ugly city because i am a terrible builder... :lol:
but i would be happy if some creative ppl join my server to build something thats worth taking screens of :mrgreen: