By Chrisco
#76903 I agree with Jammy, the server has a friendly staff and they come online often. This server is the server I play on most and we host special events such as tournaments at least once a month now. If you haven't been on this server and yet you like to play pixelmon, I would highly recommend this server to everyone. The server not only has gym leaders, but also E4 and a champion. (The champion arena is awesome, trust me.)

I would love it if more players were to join the server so that our community can grow. :D See you soon.

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By Byers5985
#80822 There will soon be a new world for the server this will give us the opportunity to find new biomes (Legendary bird areas) more structures will be in the game and there will be a HUGE decrease in lag on the server! Honestly cant wait!
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By RedShadow457
#89667 OK guys the server is undergoing some changes:
Firstly - We are moving to a new provider that will allow us to gain more power and reduce any lag player may encounter.
Secondly - We are going to be "re-vamping" our server website and have some competitions up for player made entries of what to include

We hope that these changes will allow players to get the best experience possible that we can offer. However during this time players might need this IP to connect:
We apologize for any inconvenience caused
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By RedShadow457
#102235 We are starting work on a new adventure map once the new update is out.
Players will be able to join any either this new world or our current main world from our lobby. Pokemon and items will transfer between both worlds however building will be disabled in the adventure map. We look forward until we can get it up and running. We encourage players to give suggestions on what they would like to see in this world.

Depending on the new features of the NPC trainers we have heard about we will be trying to include all new story lines that will provide lots of new twists and add hours of new gameplay onto players play time.
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By RedShadow457
#107460 We are still developing ideas for the new survival world, i won't reveal all the information just yet but i can tell you this:

The towns are going to be like game towns. yes, there will be a Pokecenter/mart in each town. There will be a gym. Each town will have some unique feature such as a museum, department store, casino, so on so forth.

There will also be a few homes at least to make the towns looks more like towns. The homes will be available for players to buy/sell. Generally speaking players will not be able to build unless they have a permit, and the rules/restrictions to acquiring one need to be discussed