By SkyWindZ
#40866 The brand new Server that has just been unleashed with it's Beast !
That many people liked to Join this Server for the Enjoyment with Friendly Moderators.
You will get to meet them in the Game. They're everywhere and One of those Moderators will be online!

Custom NPC 1.5.2 (No longer needed)
Forge Latest 7.8.1 (Make sure so you could use Portals to teleport to other world)
Pixelmon 1.5.2 Latest
Pizelmon - Pixelmon 24/7
This server has BukkitForge included. It took forever to find it.
The server has now been advanced into another level.
It has now more supported plugins than Bukkitforge. We do no longer need Bukkitforge.
Just do what the requirement says and you can Join :3
Make sure you also check out the website here:
Feel free to check it out !

IP: <- You liek my IP ?

By SkyWindZ
#47094 We've Updated the BukkitForge and we're moving to a Better one.
This supports Multiverse-Core and you could change Worlds
Which can also change your gamemode to Survival.
The world would be: Survival (Obviously)
Normal World would be: Adventure
I will change that very soon :D
Support this Server :3