By elayens
#42901 Leader
IGN Elayens

Age 13

Experience many many years

What gym 1st-8th dargon or fire, and rock

Why should i choose you

Fordi jeg har masse pokemon erfaring, jeg vet en god del om pokemon, jeg har klart å runnet flere pokemon spill i en måne. og jeg kan bygge bra pokemon figurer.

By Hemp-Hill
#46983 Gym Leader App
IGN: Holmes15

Age: 16

Experience: I've been a gym leader 5 times and elite 4 4 times(coincidence right)

Gym: Fighting

Why you should choose me: I'm Experienced not a sore loser and I Have been told I give a Challenge multiple times.

Ty for the chance
By amadu12
#47001 IGN: Amadu12
Age: 14
Experience: I was once a moderator on a server and helped with answering questions, fixing griefing and occasionally helping with building.
I want to be an admin because I enjoy helping other people.
By doesaman
#47252 Admin Application

IGN Doesaman

Age 13

Experience playing since infdev

Why should i choose you Im a Freindly good builder and I can look over because I used to own a Pixelmon server

Pokemon knowledge i have finished all the pokemon games

Good with redstone I am good with redstone But not the best