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By GhostWolf2398
#42567 Are you tired of playing on servers that require you to face gym leaders that are never online?
Have you caught them all and want a new challenge?
Need a break from slowly grinding your high level team?
Want to experience an intense and adrenaline-filled game mode that puts your skills as a trainer to the test?

We have recently come up with an AMAZING new idea for a game type to play with Pixelmon (I am a bit secretive on the details for right now until I can get the game type tested and recorded).

We have everything built and ready to go, so this is essentially a Beta run to see it all in action. But, to do that, my gaming partner Loki from our Let's Play Pixelmon series (click here to see it) and I need two people (preferably friends or able to work well with each other) to playtest it with us.

Here are our main goals:
    1) Test out the game mode with another team of 2 players
    2) Record this game test from both perspectives (so if you or your friend could record that would be great)
    3) Post the videos of the test to Youtube (to show off the idea in action)

Here is what we are looking for:
    Two people (preferably friends or able to work together)
    16 years old or older (greater preference to 18+)
    Must have mics
    Must be able to use Skype/Steam/some other voice communication method
    One (or both) of you being able to record is a HUGE plus
    One (or both) of you having a Youtube channel that you will post your videos on is a HUGE plus (this can be a good collaboration/cross-promotion)
    Able to play the game mode for about 1 hour, 30 minutes (though this can be an hour if your time is limited) - the length of one round

If you are interested in helping us playtest this, post a comment with the form below:
    Ages: (X) and (X)
    Mics: (Yes/No)
    Communication Method: (Steam/Skype/Whatever else)
    Able to Record: (One/Both/None)
    Have Youtube: (One/Both/None)

Our Info:
    23 and 24
    Both of us have mics
    Mainly Steam and Skype, but we have Mumble/TeamSpeak/Vent
    GhostWolf can record
    GhostWolf has Youtube

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By GhostWolf2398
#42620 I also potentially have one person willing to do it (who can record and post), so if you don't have 2 people, and want to apply alone and work with them, then feel free to put your info in a reply!
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By GhostWolf2398
#42879 Just a quick bump to let you know that I am still looking. Hoping to get the play test recorded this weekend, and have videos posted soon after that.