By imapseudonym
#6053 It sounds like next patch on Pixelmon will contain a lot of crashing fixes. Hopefully this will solve most of the crashing problems. As for griefing, I'm considering adding a logblock for restore and to find who griefs as well.

By Umbreon23
Lusewing wrote:I know Syther s really cool (even more so Scizor). Just got myself a Metapod to join my Eevee - simply because I love Butterfree. Can anyone give me the linke to the video that shows me how to claim some land, I don't need much but I would like to keep my little farm safe.

Got another Scyther! :D Its lv 35 atm, was begging flotzol to give me the tm x scissor...but then i realized it learned it at 41. xD