riptide98 wrote:How, exactly, do i get pictures..

go user control panel then go to profile, then click on edit avatar, then choose one from this website: ,save it then upload it. :D
imapseudonym wrote:Auto restart is back on. I forgot to turn it on after I left for work today.

As for crashes, just Pixelmon 2.0 bugs that will hopefully be sorted out soon :D

what does it mean if i got an email saying my mod/admin and shop applications were approved?
By Ninja_Ace202
#7602 Thats a whole separate site. I just meant it's one of the highest quality pixelmon servers around and should be advertised/sponsored by the pixelmonmod site like the alpine server is. Setting these two servers as the standard would really push some of the crumier servers to try harder to be better which would be good for the mod as a whole.
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By Jephon
#7667 I agree. This one is one of the best. The Alpine is an adventure server and does a good job at that while this one is a survival one. It is excellent at what it does. Both are great examples for other servers out there.