imapseudonym wrote:
captainwaffelz wrote:will this mod be updated to 2.0.2?

We are already running 2.0.2

~Fancy mode on~
I would like to raise a complaint.
We've been having claiming issues if you remember our trading machine was destroyed. But that's fine now, anyways we started making a city based around the shop and daycare so we made a tunnel to the city and claimed it. The next day we came back and the tunnel was griefed so we rebuilt it and tried to reclaim it because it obviously wasn't working and it said our tunnel and daycare was claimed by Not_Wobbit but they said they hadn't claimed it and every time we come back there's parts of our builds missing and its replaced with cobblestone or just missing, people are also building on a stadium we're building and claimed. I don't know if you can help in any way but it's really annoying. :|
By imapseudonym
#8428 Let me know of where you got griefed and I will ban the person that griefed you and could have restored whatever was griefed just an FYI :D

As for the claiming by NotWabbit, that's just a display glitch. You can still claim land. If you find this to be incorrect please let me know.