By Righton5
#5082 Hello. I wanna apply to being a Gym Leader Level 40-49. The Ground type to be more exact. My team is (Was/soon to be)
Camerupt (Lorenzo) - Level soon to be 46
Piloswine (Stebbuy) - Level 44
Flygon (Rorshach) - Level 46
I might add A Krokorok.
The reason i say was is because My Flygon turned back into a Trapinch somehow. And the reason i say soon to be is because my Camerupt is only level 36. Thank you for reading this.

By imapseudonym
#5164 We're gonna do a big approval of gym leaders again tomorrow. If you could apply here also for our reference it would be greatly appreciated :]

Website is

On our forums under Pixelmon is a gym leader thread :D
By Bramazing
imapseudonym wrote:If you defined the areas using residence then people shouldn't have been able to do this. For the simplicity of things, I did add a new anti grief plugin. All you now have to do for your first no grief zone is put down a chest. You'll see an outline of an area that will automatically protect all things: doors, signs, chests (without lockette), trap doors, etc. If you also type in chat "how do i claim land" it will give you a link to a youtube video where you can watch for additional features. The more you play on the server, the more land you can claim as well. Hopefully this will work better since a lot of people were unaware of how to use residence.

Thanks i will look in to it