By imapseudonym
#5966 Sorry about that. We gotta figure out a way to set up an auto restart during the nights or something when we're not around. As for the person banned, it didn't look like a glitch in the plugin. If it is, they can appeal and we'll go from there :D
By Umbreon23
#5969 Needs 10 more slots. Its always full and when i crash i ant get back on.
BTW I found a greif
By Umbreon23
#6044 Nope, btw i found a lv 18 scyther and someone crashed the server D:<
PLEASE ban that person almost flung my laptop at a wall
By Umbreon23
Lusewing wrote:From what i have seen this is a really nice early server, a few minor griefing problems but they seem to get sorted out nice and quickly. I think you might be seeing me a little more regular.

It is, accept all the noobs riding.Found my favorte bug type and someone crashed it
By Lusewing
#6047 I know Syther s really cool (even more so Scizor). Just got myself a Metapod to join my Eevee - simply because I love Butterfree. Can anyone give me the linke to the video that shows me how to claim some land, I don't need much but I would like to keep my little farm safe.