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By hedgehogsniper
#44190 Hedge's Pixelmon Server!

No Whitelist
1) NO Griefing
2) NO Bad Language
3) NO Stealing
Breaking ANY of the Rules Above Result In An INSTANT Ban!

To Report a Griefing Post ATLEAST 2 Pictures And Any Evidence You Have.

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By hedgehogsniper
whiteoak123 wrote:Great server, Having fun on it
Although, My Apricots Disappeared, so someone took them and I don't know who

Remind me when you are on the replace them.
By BradWhite
#45400 Hey, my in-game name is BradWhite. I've played the server for only ~Two days. The server shut down for about an hour and when i try to log on now it says I've been banned by an Operator. I'm not sure why i was banned, there was no explanation for this. Please let me know what's going on so we can get this sorted out. Thanks!