By Ashadia
#46013 Aurora hosts a standard Pixelmon server, with no extra mods. The Aurora community hosts a few other servers with Pixelmon being the latest addition. There is always someone to talk to on our Teamspeak3 server, and almost always someone to play with.

Our server is currently building the first Gen cities and will expand out to include the rest. There is one gym open on the server with admins playing as gym leaders (Brock).

Pixelmon Server:


Keymod Forums:

Im sorry for any confusion to our users cause by the name change

By igings
#53478 Just so everyone is clear
This server used to have the hostname:

We have now changed our name to:

Use the second address to connect to the server
Anyone who was on the server before still has their pokemon and items.

For anyone new, we run MCPC+ with multiple plugins, such as essentials and signshop.

Developer on this server