By Fallen
#46181 The Combat Corps was founded in August of 2006. We strive for excellence in gaming and in friendships.

We have created a special server for all members and the public to enjoy, and it hosts the mod pixelmon.

This is survival ONLY, and is maintained and run by high ranking clan members, NO cheating or 'boosts' will happen.

NO Griefing
NO Stealing ANY items from houses
NO Hacks/Cheats
NO Swearing
NO Advertising other servers or recruiting for other clans
NO Fighting and 'Trolling'
No Abusing Destructive items (TNT)

Users can and will be Banned for any rule breaking.


Have a look around and have fun! Feel free to join as a member if you are over 15 aswell.

Visit our website-

Update 23rd June; MCPC+ is now Enabled
UPDATE: 64 Slots enabled, no lag, new IP, new server.

Major General Fallen,
Chief of Intelligence.
Combat Corps.