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By Kuwoobie
#66889 It turns out it would have been better if all the pokemon were deleted. All pokemon that existed before the update have a problem where throwing them out causes them to instantly drop to 10 HP. All new pokemon, pokemon captured after the update, however, do not have this problem.
By steelfroggy
#66916 Minecraft Username:
Age: 13
Pokemon games you own (all): leafgreen diamond ruby emerald platinum white white2 mystery dungeon(all)
Experience with NetBattle: none
Experience with none

Are you a part of any Pokemon leagues or communities? not yet

Why do you want to be a Gym Leader? because I see people on every day that want to challenge a gym leader so I will accept any challenge

Will you be able to log in at least once a week for one hour per week to accept challenges? yes and more

How often will you be able to accept challenges outside of your challenge schedule? very often

Are you willing to prepare a team that meets your Gym's specifications? (Type and level cap of 60-- server admins can help you get started)
yes I will
By GreatSilentOne
#66984 Since when did making a legitimate suggestion become trolling? I thought it was a cool server until someone on console (I would assume the owner) decided my suggestion was trolly and banned my unnecessarily. Unless you like hives of abusive and idiotic leadership, do not play on this server. There are better ones run by people with maturity levels over that of a 12 year old. If you manage to get your pretentious head out of the clouds to read this, owner, I hope you take it to heart. I highly doubt it, though, because 20 other people who haven't been unfairly banned by you will back you up.