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By Kuwoobie
GreatSilentOne wrote:Image

Sorry, but when our server is overloaded with players, and we are overloaded with work to do, we don't exactly have time for every pompous mouth-breathing pseudo-intellectual who strolls in trying to tell us how to run things.

We reserve the right to refuse access to any person for any reason, and that includes them being an annoying git like you. So go have fun being a waste of bandwidth on someone else's server.

By hotburn101
#67161 m gym app
ing masterpikachu101
age 12
pokemon games I own pokemon fire red leafgreen heart gold white ruby emerald sapphire red and pearl
netbattle none
showdown a little
am I part of a community not right now
I have always wished to fully push people to earn their badge not like other old gyms
will I log in every week for an hour of course
will I use the correct pokemon and level yes I am dedicated to my work
By Waterboyr
#67504 Sorry having to resign. I want to be a gym leader but don't have the time... But hey there are plenty of applications so it won't be a big problem. Hope I helped while I was active! Sorry.
By Breloom
#67763 I have to resign as well, this elite 4 thing is a bit too time-consuming for me. Sorry Kuw.
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By Kuwoobie
#67782 We know, you have already been replaced as well.

For everyone else:

Do not apply for Gym Leader/Elite 4, unless you are serious about it.
By GreatSilentOne
#67889 I find it ironic that you're calling me a pompous git. I wasn't telling you how to run things, either, it was an idle suggestion. Anyway, considering that the Pixelmon forums are no place to argue over such mindless idiocies, I am done.
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By Kuwoobie
#67946 For being the "GreatSilentOne" you have some serious diarrhea of the mouth. Your "idle suggestions" were relentless nit-picking about shit no one cares about. It got really old, really fast, and you were banned. I'm terribly sorry about your severe case of Asperger's, but being banned our server doesn't mean log in and start stinking up the Pixelmon forums too.