By Earstorm
#49124 This are the free slots if you want to apply write your IGN and why you want to be gymleader.

1.Rock Gym-KingSels
2.Water Gym-Baragon123
3.Electric Gym-mvd10
4.Grass Gym-Cerealkilla15
5.Poison Gym-crazysquid1
6.Psychic Gym-Nonstop02
7.Fire Gym-Earstorm
8.Ground Gym-agusbuzz



By BBot4Life
#49130 Can i apply for Champion
Ign: BBot4Life
Why; Because i know what to do as champion i have done it before and enjoy battling with pokemon at their best. High leveled battles make me excited and i enjoy battling with the trainers that have worked hard to earn their 8 badges, get past the elite 4 and got to face me the champion. I will not be a push over and know a good team format that is difficult to beat.
By lyanda
#50287 I want to apply for one of the elite four preferably a dragon type or dark/ghost but I can't log in....
Why: I want to be one of the elite four because I think it will be fun and I want to challenge those that get past the first 8 gyms and see how strong they are.
By bossrunner456
#50585 I'd want to apply for Electric gym leader.
IGN: bossrunner456
Why: I know a lot about Pokemon and would provide a good challenge, and I have never had a staff experience before and you got to start somewhere!