By captainwaffelz
#50243 Orrecraft is a brand new, Unique survival server that has its own tastes. We are looking for more players and staff(see requirments below). The server is being built currently and we are low on staff and members alike. There is plenty space for players to have houses built for them(Built not build, ask Jagov777 for more info) Ores in caves get replenished with time.

The stadiums are breathtakingly amazing. We host events quite often along with tournements(dont worry we use pokemon stadium style cups, you know, with level caps for each tournement.) Just to encourage Events, we have a Event shop where you can trade in EC(event coins) obtained by winning for legendary-like items! The server is going to add quests as well.

If the word survival scares ya a bit.... Food is simply alot easier to get in-game than you think. and Hostile mobs(creepers and such) are turned off.

Rules are a must and are extremely strict and can be found on the website at

Also a small note, a server forum account is NOT neccasary, its just a requirment for staff/builders/gym leaders!


1. all staff must have(or create a free one) a account on the server forums at

2. All applications must be made there. Any application here will not be even looked at.

3. must have played on the server for 0ne week.(this rule isnt in place untill server is fully up.)

4. have high amount of background knowledge with pokemon.

Applications may be sent to my email as well. Even if i where to add you as a staff member you would need to create a forum account some time in the future.

to apply for staff through email, email me at [email protected]


1. why do you want to be a staff member? many servers have you moderated/ been a OP on?
3. how well can you create things?
4.time a day you can be on.
6.Name all the legendaries you can think of.
7. if you had ANY flying type or flying hybrid. what would you pick if your opponent was a raichu? what would you pick against a steelix? what would you pick against lugia?
5.Why should we pick you to be on staff, instead of someone else?
(optional) send a image or two of things you have built.

we are also looking for gym leaders. If you would like to be one(trust me the gyms are a site to behold) please apply for staff like mentioned above and include type and reasons you should get that gym spot.

All in all this is a very updated,breathtaking,Advanced server. Have fun!

Note:it is NOT neccesary to have a account in the server forums. its just a requirment for staff and builders and gym leaders.

Feel free to email me at the above stated email, contact the forum, or post here for things that didnt get cleared up or you feel youd like to know :)

By captainwaffelz
#50490 We have just added a challenge court next to start town for people who wish to battle trainers in a more fancy setting! Also roads have been cleaned up, we have added street lights to starting city. stay tuned for daily updates!
By captainwaffelz
#51328 UPDATE!!!

server build speed is 10x fold now that we have some players who can use world edit!

we will give IP out to staff and builders and such for the moment, once we clean up the cities we will post it for the public.
By captainwaffelz
#51474 It seems people are quite confused about how to apply for staff on the website. Please do not create a topic for YOUR application. Theres 2 correct ways to apply, that is.

1. Make your application at under the gym leader and mod application topic.

2. Email me the criteria at [email protected]
Here fourth, chances of you being a mod are decreased unless applied throughout those two methods.
By captainwaffelz
#51662 daily update! some more housing is planned to be added tonight, but also a few people have taken up spots as mods, perhaps someone will take a gym spot(depends on there next response) anywho times be gettin shorter for a chance to be staff!