By stevencoxgaming
#52544 WELCOME TO EEVEECRAFT! or that's what you could be seeing if you were on the server right now!
If anyone knows anything about pixelmon servers i need help!! Pixelmon Seem to be skipping around! Any help is appreciated!
We have great staff and are looking for builders! The plugins are as follows!

and will be adding more as needed!
The IP is:
Please understand that this is a new server and we are looking for feedback! If you are interested please join and have fun! Thanks for reading this post and can't wait to see you guys!
Also i have a youtube channel 'StevenCoxgaming' so if you wanna check me out and subscriber there and send me a message on youtube with your ingame name ill give you the prefix of [Subscriber]
Also our donation ranks are pretty fair any questions just ask an admin/mod!

By hyperhippo2
#53404 i would like to be a builder
IGN: hyperhippo2
Age: 15
Skype: steve12456
what will you do: Build cool things for this server
Ever got banned: no never
Exp: yes on 2 server (one pixelmon, one regular vinalla)
hope you accept
By Bruce404
#69634 Hello I Would Like To Apply For Builder On Your Server!
I Would Love To Help Your Server Get More Builds And More Peoples!
I Have Been Staff On Many Servers Infact I Own My Own But It Isnt Pixelmon :P
I Would Love To Help You Out In Any Way!