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By DemmiCalabor
#55026 WELCOME
Hey guys/gals, my name is Demmicalabor! Owner of Kuramon! (NEED CUSTOM NPC'S MOD)

So this server offers you many cool things such as 1v1 battles right at spawn! We even has a spectating area so that you can actually watch the 1v1's!

We recently bought 24/7 and it can hold up to 30 players and we have absolutely no lag whatsoever with everyday events! Events from either a shiny hunter, a rare Pokemon hunts, battle contest, and Pokemon spotlights!

The spawn is a small city/town but we are working on more so that you can explore even more opportunity! Right now the server is in beta and will be quite buggy sometimes with commands, but it is rare that a bug isn't working or it will but at all!

Once we hit about 10 players online at once (when I am online) we will host a shiny Pokemon hunt so be prepared! We are also looking for gym leaders! We only have 4 and we need quite a bit more but just remember NOT to ask to become one, you must be chosen! I hope you guys will come on down to this server and like it because it would be awesome to see you come on down to the server!

P.S. We have made the server COMPLETELY non-griefable, with banning TNT, lava, etc. while you can also protect your home (sort of like using factions or a region with world edit) and also adding chest lock so no need to worry about making an underground home because you are completely protected from anyone on the server and I hope that you will be a nice person in this community!

Please either on the server or replying down below tell us how the server is and how we could improve it because we will listen to the people of the server and not ignore you because we are a brand new server and we need you to help us out!

Server IP:

By Johny [The posey]
#55047 Man this server is great no lag what so ever the spawn is beatiful the staff are amazing the rules just make sence its the perfect mix between survial and pixelmon No grief no raid just an amazing server. The staff is so respectfull and patiencent Thank you for this awesome server FUCK YOU COREY XD inside joke